Give Yourself a Gift!

Give Yourself a Gift!

Give Yourself the Gift of a THRIVE Weekend Workshop with Laura Wolf at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

You’re active, you’re eco-conscious, you’re doing what you can to make the world a better place. What do you do to keep yourself going, to sustain yourself as you seek to create a more sustainable world?

Here’s an invitation to give yourself a well-deserved giftto not just keep on going, but to grow and thrive!

Long-time friend of Dancing Rabbit, Frank Cicela, puts it this way:

“Over the past three years, I have been blessed to participate in several retreats that Laura Wolf has facilitated. Laura is a skilled, soulful, compassionate guide and facilitator. Among many other things, her toolbox includes: powerful music, conscious movement, years of breathwork practice, and sacred spaceall accompanied with timeless wisdom.

Give yourself the gift of a Laura Wolf weekend!

Laura gently creates a safe space welcoming and nurturing to ALL of my partsa playground for a soul. I strove to show up authentic, open and vulnerable.

Every. Single. Time. I showed upI was rewarded with profound experiences and insights. Each time I was given a new lens by which to challenge my perceptions of reality.

Each weekend was a gift to myself—of transformation and growth—that is with me to this day.

Dancing Rabbit member Danielle Williams shared what giving herself this gift has meant in her life:

Attending workshops with Laura was a true springboard for me. It launched me into a new phase of my relationship with my partner (a commitment ceremony!); a new job that offers more opportunity to unfold my inner genius and imbues me with a sense of purpose; and finally a relationship of acceptance with my community, as I began to show up more in integrity with myself and less focused on the shortcomings of the people and place around me. I’m not sure where I would be if I hadn’t had this experience with Laura, but I know I would feel less happy and free and in touch with my innate potential.


Will you accept our invitation to give yourself this gift? Many THRIVE: Inner Sustainability for Healers, Leaders, and Lovers of the Earth Workshop spots are already filled with Dancing Rabbit members and friends who understand the value of this gift. Come join us!

P.S. Plus, if you register now, you’ll save $125 off the regular price! There’s no better time to say yes to giving yourself this gift.

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