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Can you imagine being able to gently engage your consciousness with your own nervous system in a way designed to reliably and effectively embody soothing, unshakeable inner-stability within minutes; even in the midst of chaotic uncertainty?  On the very first try? And the benefits are actually amplified over time?


Advanced neuroscience meets ancient traditional healing systems with open arms. The BodyTalk System of WholeHealthcare is a leading-edge component of Australia’s national health care system – a powerful modality that never viewed the body and mind as separate.


Join Prairie’s mom, Dancing Rabbit resident Angela K Johnson, live on ZOOM, this Saturday, April 4, at 7pm CDT for a powerfully soothing mind-body harmonization experience. She’s been practicing BodyTalk full-time professionally for over 7 years. You’ll get to treat yourself to a simple yet profound and delicious energy-medicine tool designed to soothe the nervous system and gently ripple a whole cascade of benefits through your body/mind while deeply anchoring into stability within, even (and especially) in the midst of the chaotic uncertainty.  And you’ll also get to practice supporting your loved ones in this way – even at a remote distance.

Angela Johnson

BodyTalk Instructor

& Dancing Rabbit resident