Count the stars on this hand-sewn flag dating from 1910. Photo by Cob

Forgetting and Re-Creating: A Dancing Rabbit Update

This past week of fireworks and waving flags has been an opportunity for me to reflect on what makes this country such a special place, regardless of the opinions and perspectives that often seem to divide more than unite. Cob here, with some thoughts about the value of forgetting and the opportunities inherent in finding one’s way anew.

My past week at Dancing Rabbit has been one of much forgetfulness. I might blame it on my days simply being over-full or semi-joke that it’s just a part of getting older that we all have to deal with, but if I’m honest with myself, sometimes it’s because I don’t WANT to remember. Sometimes, I agree to something that I really don’t want to, but I make the promise anyway. Mostly, I seem to forget things that are not part of my regular routine … those one-offs are easy to drop.

Among the many things I forgot about were all the World Cup games playing on the big screen (well, big for us anyway). It’s a great opportunity for folks to gather in a cool space during the heat of the day and cheer on their favorite players or teams (sometimes on opposite sides of the field).

Count the stars on this hand-sewn flag dating from 1910. Photo by Cob

We also had a bit of a beer-drought, as I forgot that the Fourth of July holiday would alter office hours and delivery schedules. Fortunately, we had plenty of soda on hand! In my defense, most holidays don’t change our internal committee meeting schedules, so around here there is a lack of social cues to help me remember such things.

Recent state and local politics have also helped me to remember the principles and the deep act of radical protest upon which this country was founded and to appreciate the breathtaking diversity which has provided the basis for our incredible gains in all areas of life during the history of this country. Listening to the many classic, familiar, patriotic songs and music created over the last couple of hundred years reminds me that many were written by new citizens celebrating their gratitude and appreciation for this grand American endeavor.

I have not yet forgotten the names of our recent batch of visitors and prospective new residents and I am thankful that several of them are already making plans to return later this summer before I can embarrass myself with that lapse in memory. We’ve also seen the return of many Rabbits who travelled to Italy for Stephen and Erica’s wedding celebration; one of whom remarked that they appreciated living in a place that felt good to come home to, even when coming from Europe!

I ALMOST forgot my youngest son’s birthday, but happily he received some early/enthusiastic birthday greetings that clued me in in time to whip up some special treats for dessert. There were a few other things I caught on to last minute, such as a cheerful housewarming/house-naming party for the Gils, a Qigong class, and writing this column.

My apologies to everyone for all the other things I’m sure that I HAVE forgotten and so, I can’t write about today.

There is a saying that history repeats itself because nobody listened the first time. While this resonates strongly for me, there are certainly things it would behoove us to not forget about in our collective history. I am also looking forward to seeing what we can yet become as a society and culture—moving beyond destruction, mistrust, and fear toward nurturance, acceptance, forgiveness, and love. What can we forget, move past, and start afresh at creating together?


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