February 27, 2012

This last week something strange happened…something wonderful: I put
on my favorite pair of plaid shorts accompanied by a newly acquired
plaid hat and, for good measure, a plaid shirt and jacket. This is
noteworthy because it was WARM and SUNNY and BEAUTIFUL. With spring
just around the corner I was swept up with glee and inspired to sport
my warm weather attire in celebration. As I rejoiced in the glory of
nature I saw folks joining in on the spring-like vibes. More walking.
More talking. More work outside. Less scurrying inside to start fires.
Less depression. More fun!

Being a native Californian I grew up without the joy of definable
seasons, so here I am now in Missouri loving the transitional period
that is apparently called a “season”. Although it may be new to me, my
fellow denizens of DR that have made this place their home for many
seasons are in good spirits as well. There are folks preparing for
gardening and plenty of chitchat on the subject. Seed swaps are in the
works as well as garden bed preparation. I have been poking my head
into various abodes to inquire about the latest news on people’s
starts and, selfishly, tenaciously attempting to have the first tomato
of the season. Call it pride, call it passion…it’s my life. Hopefully
some of the folks that are reading right now are thinking about these
things as well? Here’s to the best gardening season yet!

In other news, Dancing Rabbit’s annual retreat is coming to a close
after, in my opinion, much progress and a plethora of positive energy.
This was my first year at retreat and I’m so glad to have been in
attendance for some of it as it really opened my eyes to all of the
wonderful people here and how we interact at the most intimate level.
As I strive to communicate more clearly and express my needs, as well
as welcome in others, I can’t help but feel like this is my home.

Today there is a bent raising going on. There is an ultimate Frisbee
game. I am discussing garden plans. I am visiting friends and doing
laundry. I am watching wind turbines spin with ease and continuing to
find warmth in the sounds of construction and laughter. I would have
it no other way.

Thank you all for reading. Mark your calendars for our 15th
anniversary BASH! Hope to see a lot of bright and shining faces in the
mean time! Have a great week everyone.

by Jordan

P.S. This KILLS me to acknowledge that I actually left out possibly
the MOST important event of the week…but here goes: I somehow forgot
to include that DR’s first “on farm” birth just occurred! I hope you
all forgive me. This is exciting for so many reasons! Not only did a
healthy baby girl come into the world to bless our lives and this
place, but I was the proud “boiler-up-to-teperature-man”; ensuring
that the water for Nani’s birth tub was nice and toasty for a warm
welcome to Abagail! Yay Abagail! Hope the water was to your liking.

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