Mae and her daughter celebrating. Keep growing sustainable culture with us!

Mae and her daughter celebrating. Keep growing sustainable culture with us!

Hear that faraway voice calling out thanks from a little village among America’s corn fields? That’s me, Ma’ikwe. You see, all our work to build a sustainable culture doesn’t matter much unless we can share what we’re doing with the rest of the world.

And your involvement makes that possible. Thank you!

Here are just a few of the reasons we need you with us to create a better world:

Proving it’s possible to live on 90% less

University researchers found that our residents live on one-tenth of the resources of the average American, with a high quality of life. You can provide critical funding to research exactly which measures are most effective, so we can help others do the same. And if you can’t make a gift, just sharing our results with others is a big help.

Inspiring people across the country to live lightly

Last year I showcased Dancing Rabbit’s success in my TEDx talk, now viewed online by over 8,000 people. I’m expanding that talk into a national speaking tour, to involve more students and faculty in our research and help others get the same kind of results. Your gift to DR can spread positive change across America.

Giving people the tools they need to make change

To reach even more people who can benefit from our events, research, and sustainable living practices, we’re improving our website and adding more great content. Your donations, subscriptions, shares and Likes are the reasons we can bring training, info, and encouragement for free to changemakers around the world.

Offering a one-stop, all-in-one sustainable living center

As you know, our ecovillage residents give tours, make videos, host visitors and students, greet you online, respond to TV producers, offer classes, and answer questions on everything from carsharing to child-rearing. Building a sustainable town from scratch can be hard work, but it all pays off when you help the world learn from our inspiring example.

You’re the reason Dancing Rabbit is making a difference in the world!

Without you, Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage would be nothing but a tiny town in a cornfield.

But when you learn from our experiences, take hope and inspiration from what you learn, live more lightly, and help us spread these skills to others, our work has meaning and purpose.

Thanks so much for all that you do to help our little ecovillage make big change. Please donate today so we can go even bigger in 2015!

With great appreciation,

Ma’ikwe Schaub Ludwig
Executive Director

P.S. Not only do we know how to live lightly on the earth, we know how to accomplish amazing things on a shoestring budget. It costs money to do cutting edge research, run a national speaking tour, and teach others how reduce their footprint. We only need $12,000 more by the end of the year to accomplish our goals. So please make your contribution now, and then share this with your friends and ask them to pitch in too. Thanks!