Critter Collective Internship Information


Critter goats in the barnyard.

Critter goats in the barnyard.We are looking for folks who would like to work with animals and gain experience in creating a sustainable animal agriculture business.

We have a small farm, with 3 goats in milk this season, a layer flock of about 40 hens, and we’ll raise 100 or so muscovies and chickens for meat. We process them ourselves, generally from August- November. We are working with our donkey this winter to have him hopefully pulling a cart by spring.  We will also be buildling systems and infrastructure to further reduce our inputs and more completely utilize our outputs. We love permaculture!

We will also be working on our homestead infrastructure and have a 5 year old.

Our scene (the Critter Collective) is off grid and very rustic. Our kitchen co-op does not use propane; this combined with using whole foods can make for a steep and very satisfying learning curve. We are omnivorous, but meat is still a special and occasional food.

Ben, Mae, & Althea.

Ben, Mae, & Althea.

You are: easy going, reliable, hardworking, emotionally honest, interested in animals and passionate about sustainability. Bonus points if you are interested/willing to do computer/business stuff like helping with our blog, promoting our feather site, or taking arty pictures.

Fill out the Work Exchange Application or contact Mae at for more info.