Dancing Rabbit Wish List/Donations

Dancing-Rabbit-Cooperation-Community-300x225Thanks so much for visiting this page and considering a donation of items.

Are you planning a visit to Dancing Rabbit? Take a look through our Wish List below—is there anything that you have and no longer need? Bring it along!

If you’re not coming to visit but are cleaning your house and have something on our list, please contact our donations manager about how to get it to us.


  • Consider bringing local produce from your area—it will be much appreciated!
  • We are grateful for your donations. Additionally, they are tax-deductible.
  • Please donate only items that are in good condition. We have neither the time nor resources to repair items coming in.

For any donations-related questions, please contact me at [email protected].

Thanks so much!
Amy “Meadoe” Carleton, DR Donations Manager

For the Non-profit:

  • Laptops with at least 2 years of life left in them
  • Advertising on people’s blogs or websites
  • Un-printed, clean t-shirts
  • Sturdy shelving
  • Comfortable office-style chairs
  • Lightweight folding tables


For the Village:

  • garden carts
  • electric golf carts
  • towels and blankets
  • picnic tables
  • non-plastic outdoor furniture
  • electric chipper/shredder
  • living room furniture (couches, comfy chairs with good back support, end tables, lounge chairs, lamps, that sort of thing)
  • pneumatic tires for cart making
  • winter sleds
  • file cabinets

If you with to make a financial donation to our non-profit, which will allow us to share sustainable living skills through workshops, articles, videos, and classroom presentations, as we inspire and train ecological activists and thought leaders, it is also tax-deductible.