Ecovillage Immersion Program attendee Leanna gets her hands dirty during a natural building interactive learning experience. Photo by Aaron.

Celebrate With Us!

Here at Dancing Rabbit, we love a good party. Especially when we’re celebrating two decades of paradigm-shifting educational and outreach programs that help create a vibrant, sustainable planet. That’s what this year has been about for us: celebrating our 20th anniversary and legacy! Over the years, our supporters have been vital in ensuring that we offer educational programs and reach more people with our message that a connected, liveable human habitat is possible.

As the end of 2017 approaches, you may be reflecting on your year and yourimpact on the world as well. The truth is, by supporting Dancing Rabbit’s mission, you are leaving your own legacy for future generations.

In these last twenty years, we’ve been able to create moments of connection with so many people throughout the world that have generated a spark of hope, inspiration, and the fostering of change as a result. This wave of inspired change is truly our legacy and you can be part of our legacy too. Give today to celebrate two decades of sustainable living educational programs, Dancing Rabbit-style, and to ensure that we can continue to positively influence the fate of our planet and our future. Your choices DO make a difference.

In community,

Danielle Williams
Executive Director
The Center for Sustainable & Cooperative Culture
at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

P.S. Remember, you are our best partner in creating a vibrant, sustainable world for our future generations. Give now to ensure a truly extraordinary shared legacy of hope.

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