Simply to Smell a Rose 5/22/12

Jordan here; coming at you live this week from Dancing Rabbit. I am always impressed by the ever-quickening progression of things 'round here. We haven't slowed down one bit this week; that’s for sure. Further "Crooked Route" construction took place, bent raising madness ensued once again, teams of ten at a time shuffled around large timbers that are being utilized to construct Ziggy and April's new abode. Just today our second visitor period began, and with it, one of the more mild and beautiful spring days I have seen here in Northeast Missouri. I volunteered on Sunday to greet the…read more >

A Bowl Full of Cherries

Greetings gentle readers, this is Cob reporting on the latest and greatest happenings from Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage and our little houses on the prairie. For those of you outside of northeastern Missouri, the unseasonably warm spring has given way to cooler temperatures and welcome rain, rejuvenating all the weeds and grasses that seek to take over our gardens or any other bare patch of ground. I know that my transplants and direct-sown vegetables are in there somewhere, but I sometimes have trouble finding them. I often wonder why we go to the trouble of growing such fussy plants, when weeds…read more >

May Day! May Day! – May 7

Greetings! Tereza here, with all the doings at Dancing Rabbit, or at least all the doings I know about... Seems like it was a super busy week, so in an attempt to not forget anything important, I've decided to go backwards in time. Our first visitor session of the season ended Monday, but since three visitors have decided to make the transformation into work exchangers and/or residents, we didn't have to say goodbye to too many awesome people. I've really enjoyed this batch of visitors, and am looking forward to getting to know the ones who are staying even better…read more >

The Rabbits Do Dance – April 30

Ah, the confusion of spring weather! It seemed so clear in March that we were headed for an early, steady spring; but of course spring around here typically includes all sorts of weather swings, and up through this past week, the threat of a last frost lingered. We waited and waited to fill in the gaps in the brassica beds where earlier transplants had succumbed to the hard frosts of a few weeks ago... and now we're in our standard last frost range and we're looking toward a projected high of 90 later this week! As abrupt as the swing…read more >

Roots and Shoots – April 23

On a sunny day, in the early evening, just after dinner time, excitement is heard in the yards, paths and streets. Excited faces, hands clutching dollar bills, running feet, and lively laughter and chatter called to mind a scene from my suburban childhood. All that was missing, really, were the tinny strains of "Tarantella" growing louder and louder as the ice cream truck drew near. It was Dancing Rabbit's first visit from "The Plant Man." (That's our nickname, not his, it goes along with "The Bucket Man", "The Mail Lady", "The Beer Guy", "The One-Cow Dairy", etc.) Mark Slaughter of…read more >

Opening Up with Spring – April 14

DR's newest member, Julie, here with this week's column. As I live my life, I often find that there are themes and lessons that are undeniably pronounced when I have the energy to think creatively about how interestingly life unfolds. For this week's themes, I feel that both cycles and balance have been recurrent in my thoughts. We are but a few days away from our first visitor session of the season. Now that I have been here living at DR for a full year, experiencing the seasonal shift of swinging from a quiet and private fall and winter to…read more >

Saturday Tours Start This Weekend

After an early summer, it is with a mixture of regret and relief that I'm settling back into spring.  Cob here with the weekly update about what's been going on at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage.  The cooler weather has been a relief for the early spring plantings of brassicas, peas, early lettuces, and other plants which don't fair so well in baking heat.  Presumably there will be enough of that in the coming months to keep us supplied in eggplant and peppers.  The biggest adjustment for me personally has been to remember that the pond got COLD again! The beautiful weather…read more >

A Moment in the Sun – 4/3/12

Hi everyone! This is Alline writing this week for Dancing Rabbit. As always, it feels next to impossible to encapsulate a week in the life at DR in a few short columns. However, I am your dedicated reporter and, like the Girl Scout I once was, vow to do my best. The big news, which really isn’t news at all, is the weather. The old axiom “everyone talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it” doesn’t hold true here. I’ve never been in a more weather-aware environment than Dancing Rabbit, where everything from our electricity and our food…read more >