Stuff and Nonsense, 12/3/2012

Phew! What a week! Tereza here with all the Dancing Rabbit happenings... Well, maybe not so many, actually, because I spent the entire week utterly absorbed in moving from Bluestem (and sorting and packing and cleaning to get it ready for the person who is renting it this winter) to my new place, so I'm not too sure what else happened... I do remember that one night four separate things were scheduled: two movie showings (fortunately in different locations), orchestra rehearsal, and a bonfire whose attendees thought and talked about how we can better care for our land. So much…read more >

Dancing Rabbit Correspondence November 5, 2012

Hi all. This is Alline writing for Dancing Rabbit. There is a group of six or so writers who take turns with this column; each person brings his/her own focus and point of view to light. This week it's my turn. I'm sitting here at my desk – the rain is thrumming on the roof and the wood stove is making it warm and cozy inside. By the time you read this the election results will be in. But as I write this, it is election eve – we've all made plans to walk, bike or drive to Rutledge to…read more >

Keeping Warm, 10/29/12

Ted here at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage on day three of our first run of solidly freezing nights. After intermittently wet days of shorts and sweaty outdoor work earlier in the week, the cold front blew in seemingly over the course of half an hour or so Thursday. We all went scrambling for more layers, and I didn't stop rummaging for a couple days until I'd dug all my woolens out of a barrel. Layering on woolen warmth for the first time each year is every time a delicious pleasure, surely drawing on our instinctual desire for sheltering warmth when the…read more >

Our Kind of Flush, 10/22/2012

We have a rotation of writers here at DR, taking turns to bring you this column each week. As a writer, it's a roll of the proverbial dice what will come up to report on during my week. This is the second time I've been blessed to have remarkable natural phenomena remind me what a treasure community life is. Some time ago I reported on the appearance of aurora as I was stepping out on my way home from a movie at a friend's place, and the subsequent homage to Paul Revere—folks running from house to house shouting, "Aurora, aurora!"…read more >

Ten Year Snapshot: A Visitor’s Eye View of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Betsy Merbitz was an intern at Dancing Rabbit in 2002 and returned last weekend for our 15th Anniversary (aka Land Day) and Reunion. Betsy shares her impressions in this week’s column. Thanks, Betsy! In 2002 Dancing Rabbit was a small community with about fifteen permanent members and approximately five inhabitable homes on the land. I was an intern that summer and fall, and haven't been around much during the ten years since. It was awe-inspiring (and a bit overwhelming) to return this year during the Land Day celebration and get a glimpse of the community that's there today. Of all…read more >

Reunion Report and More, 10/9/12

One of the many fascinating things I discovered at Dancing Rabbit's 15th Anniversary Party & Reunion this past weekend is that some of our readers (not naming names, but one of them rhymes with Moby) don't always appreciate the many references to the weather in our weekly column. Who knew? Tereza here, hereby warning you NOT to read the next two paragraphs if you fall into this group. Wow. It got cold. Our first hard frost came just in time to welcome back the non-locals joining us in our celebration, many of whom were tenting. It was hard to convince…read more >