Dancing Rabbit Correspondence September 9, 2012

The desk where I write is next to an upstairs window in our house. At various times I can hear kids laughing and playing (anything from basketball to squealing as they ride their bikes up and down Main Street), the muted conversation and gentle laughter of neighbors interacting, the wind through the leaves, barking dogs, and the blues band practicing across the road at La Casa. Today, however, is so gorgeous and breezy that I decided to leave my desk take a walk around the village to do some "live" reporting.read more >

One Day in the Life of a Rabbit – September 4, 2012

There are a couple of great opportunities to visit us soon. One is an Open House this Saturday the 8th, which is open to all and is a chance for our neighbors to come out and see what we're doing out here. The village changes every year, so come see how much we've grown! The other gathering coming up is the 15th anniversary party starting on October 5 with a benefit auction and reunion festivities. Read on to hear more about both of those. I'm feeling a little pressed for time writing this because my life is so full of…read more >

Creative Progress

Hammers, chisels, and saws, oh my! Every time I step outside, the sound of a growing village greets me in the form of a nail rhythmically joining wood, or a hand-saw cutting through the umpteenth 2x4 of the day. Despite it being 98 degrees this week, the pressure of the end of this year's building season is heavy in the air. With the lack of 4-season housing being the most significant factor in limiting the growth of our population here, witnessing this incredible motivation driving gutsy residents and members is something to behold. Hassan, one of our new residents, is…read more >

It’s Dry, So Dry: July 24, 2012

With high temperatures hanging around 100 again at the moment, and much of my life and work based outdoors, I am finding acceptance within me: discomfort is transitory. I can always take comfort from the trees that stay green around us, despite baking in the heat day after day with extended periods of no rain. Like a tree with deep roots to find the moisture below, I have now been here long enough to remember previous hot, dry spells. We survived those. Wetter, cooler times return sooner or later; meanwhile there is still plenty of work to be done. Ted…read more >