Something for Everyone, 1/4/13

Once again I begin with the weather. I can’t help it, it’s been so bizarre. Upper 50s (Fahrenheit) one day, barely into double digits the next. Forecast calls for sun, then it’s cloudy. Calls for snow, it’s sunny. I give up, Weather, you win! I have no idea what to wear or when to plan outdoor work or laundry anymore… Tereza here, with what she can recall of what happened this week at DR. The sun has been especially important to me this winter, as on sunny days my new little home (named The Haven), needs no other source of…read more >

All Snug in Their Beds, 12/31/12

As we hit the first days of 2013, I'm full of memories from another year jam-packed with construction, friends new and old, meetings, events, celebrations, and so much more. How do we fit it all in? It takes a village. I certainly couldn't manage this much fun and fullness on my own, without a collection of friends to carry some of the load. read more >