Benefits and Compromises
: A Dancing Rabbit Update

It is hot outside. The pond feels like a bathtub, the sun is hazy, the tomatoes are wilting, and I have spotted Thomas on more than one occasion lying on the Common House floor to cool off. Did I mention that I am from New England? Did I mention that I am terrified of the heat? Did you know that it will be in the 90s for days straight this week? Christina here, writing news of what’s been going on recently at Dancing Rabbit, while sitting in a dark room in front of a fan and drinking green tea over ice.…read more >

Feels Like Summer: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Ted here to bring you the latest from Dancing Rabbit, after what felt like the first week of summer, complete with steady warmth, mild nights, and some good thunderstorms. I had a second week off from my current day job last week, and managed to slowly tick off some long-awaited to-dos from my list. Moving more earth and manure to top up the soil level in the top-most planting terrace on our house's berm, I finally got my artichoke seedlings planted alongside some leeks. I made long-awaited fixes to my bike (my current commuter conveyance), got my aging cheeses moved…read more >

Midwest Communities Conference speakers announced!

Dear Community-minded friends, It's time to register for the Midwest Sustainable Communities Conference, and network with your fellow activists! Whether your passion is for social justice, climate change work, personal growth and conflict resolution practices, or intentional community, you'll find inspiration and practical tools you can use immediately, wherever your path takes you. Here's a brief taste of our amazing roster of speakers who have been living and working on the leading edge: Dr. Jifunza Wright Carter MD, a family physician boarded in holistic integrative medicine and a community health advocate with the Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living…read more >

Moving On: A Letter from the Executive Director

Dear friends and supporters, It is with a profound mix of sadness and excitement that I share with you the news that I will be stepping down as the Executive Director of the Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture in late 2016. Everyone always says this kind of thing when they write this kind of letter, but for real: it’s been an amazing, growthful journey for me, and I am incredibly grateful to all of you for supporting us as we’ve grown this vibrant, impactful nonprofit the past three years. In the time since I stepped into the Executive Director…read more >