The Rest of Us: A Dancing Rabbit Update 12/23/13

It’s been a week of rushing and rumbling Rabbits; some braving some hairy travel to see friends and family for the holidays, and others have been hunkering down in their warrens. Both have left the village a very quiet landscape.

A Year in the Life of Dancing Rabbit: a 2013 Update from Tony

This year was a special one for me, as it marked 20 years since I joined Dancing Rabbit. So much has changed in these 20 years, in the 16 years since we bought our land, and even in just the last 12 months. It’s inspiring to see how much of our vision from years ago has come true and how much we have accomplished, even beyond our dreams.

Dancing Rabbit in New York City – November 2013

You are invited to our upcoming Dancing Rabbit events in New York City and we hope you will invite your friends too. Dancing Rabbit founder, Tony Sirna, will be in New York City in November giving his Making Sustainability a Reality slideshow at various locations around the city. You can get information on this event and other upcoming Dancing Rabbit events on our website November 9th, 2013 - Saturday at 3 pm – Staten Island, New York, NY at the Every Thing Goes Book Cafe. The ETG Book Cafe is located on 208 Bay Street on Staten Island. November 13th,…read more >

All Together Now 10/7/2013

I have really exciting news to share with you this week: Our very own Ma'ikwe will be presenting a TEDx talk called "Sustainable is Possible," celebrating the very real achievements of Dancing Rabbit and the power of community as a significant part of what makes sustainability possible. She'll go on stage at Carleton College at about 5pm central time (tune in early just in case it's earlier so you don't miss anything) and you can watch it live here: I'm excited for even more of the world to get turned on to the idea that working together and sharing resources is an important step toward living within our Earthly means.