A small carsharing ecovillage in Missouri is poised to inspire a major change in the way ecologically-minded Americans drive!

It’s¬†a pretty bold claim that a small group of ecovillagers in the Midwest could inspire Americans to change how they transport themselves, but read on and you’ll see why it’s a bold claim with promise…

We have 1 vehicle for every 10-15 people — the average American household has almost 1 per person! ¬†These pictures say it all.

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage:

Average American:

Average American Car Ownership
That’s a pretty big difference!

In terms of day-to-day operations, the Dancing Rabbit Vehicle Cooperative (DRVC) provides transportation for Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage residents and a few of our neighbors. The first of our 6 ecological covenants prohibits our members from using personal vehicles. Owning our vehicles cooperatively allows us to enjoy the convenience of automobiles while having a small fraction of the negative ecological impact.

Fees are based on miles driven, which provides a strong financial incentive to share rides and to drive less in general. And it works: the average DRVC member drives 90% less than the average American.

Pretty awesome, right?

We want¬†our example to¬†inspire people all across the country to get involved in¬†carsharing, but we can’t do it¬†without your help.

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You can help inspire people to make carsharing a central part of this country’s transportation system by spreading the word. Thanks for all you do!