Building Community Online

“Hello all you lovely patrons…”

These 5 wonderful words introduce many pieces of content we create and post on our Patreon in order to engage with you, our lovely audience, in a deeper and more connected way. Each month we put out pictures and videos, answer questions, and have fun conversations with our supporters around the globe. 

By joining us for as little as $1 a month, you will receive access to all of our Patreon content and get a more intimate view of life at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. If you’d like to be more involved you can join us at the $5 or more a month levels. Here you will be able to help us further our mission to provide a sustainable environment for humans and animals alike out on our corner of the prairie by planting native trees. This past year we were able to plant 80 trees around the village to help provide shade, food, and homes for our native wildlife along with benefitting villagers from the wonderful support we received on Patreon. 

As a Patron you help us build relationships with people afar as well as help us fund our projects at the nonprofit at Dancing Rabbit: The Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture. Each year we invite and bring in hundreds of people to show them how everyone can live a rich life while also living lightly. Your patronage allows our nonprofit staff to continue spreading the hope for a sustainable future, through the education and outreach of our experiments here in the village. 

As a Patron you get to connect more deeply to our organization, ecovillage, and the members and residents that live here.

If you’ve visited you may see some familiar faces, and some cute  animal faces as well. (smiley face emoji) If you are planning on visiting you can get an informal introduction to the things that we are doing and a virtual tour of the village.

If it’s been a while since you were able to visit Dancing Rabbit, you can see all the progress that’s been made. No matter your current connection to Dancing Rabbit, this is an invitation to become more connected.

We hope that you join us on this platform. We love to answer your questions and show you what we are doing. Giving a snapshot into this lifestyle that we have dedicated ourselves to is one of our greatest joys. Educating and exploring with each other that a different way forward is possible drives our village. You can be a part of it by contributing to a mutual connection between Dancing Rabbit, you, and the planet we are taking care of together. 

Thank you for being on the journey with us. Our version of sustainability continues to teach us lessons that we are excited to share with you. Every dollar your pledge as a Patron helps us widen our scope and to spread our knowledge further. 

A big thank you to our current Patrons who make sharing and building community online such a joy.

Carolyn Bunge

For Online Community Building

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