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I am Angela Johnson, a Love Activist, Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, BodyTalk Access Trainer, Emotional Resolution Practitioner, and Somatic Embodiment Transformation Coach here at Dancing Rabbit. 


My first introduction to BodyTalk (or any form of energy medicine or somatic studies) was in South Dakota in 2011. I received BodyTalk sessions that resulted in a complete reversal of decade-long debilitating lower back pain. Subsequently learning and adding the 5 BodyTalk Access techniques to my daily self-care routine allowed me to run again within 30 days. (Check out this short-video story of that here). 


I have now been a full-time BodyTalk Practitioner myself for over 7 years and have been teaching BodyTalk Access classes across the Midwest. I have worked in-person and remotely with hundreds of people using the BodyTalk protocol. I have lived at Dancing Rabbit since 2017 with my two teenage kids, Prairie and Sam, moving much of my BodyTalk work online. 


My deepest passion is having a “holding heart” and “tapping hand” in the sacred emergence of humanity awakening to true empowerment through activation and alignment with your highest potentials by cultivating conscious partnerships with our own nervous systems, deepest heart-level yearnings and body-wisdom. 


Over the years, to meet the demands of clients yearning for self-actualization on the other side of their original symptoms, I have been over-the-moon ecstatic in incorporating into my Advanced BodyTalk work the ongoing education I have undertaken in the Neuroscience of Change, Adult Development (i.e. “Complexity”) Coaching, and Somatic Embodiment Transformational Coaching. 


This deep work enables you to decode the wisdom of your own body to fully break through and align with your own highest potentials for a powerful positive impact in the exact areas of life that are calling so deeply from within you – and in such a way that liberates the infinite power of presence-based compassion that then inspires more and more humans to also awaken to the deepest callings within – even amidst the distracting noise of the systems that are crumbling all around us in the shadows. 


I passionately teach BodyTalk Access as the baseline, foundational practice for folks to continually upgrade the Bodymind’s own coherency so you can begin to tap into the power you need, as well as find steadiness, partnership and even a sense of solace in the depth of the “home” that is your own Bodymind. Once you get there, you will be unshakable, no matter what is happening around you. A whole cascade of benefits await you, to exponentially catapult all of your innate movement toward vibrancy and eventually self-actualization. 


The world is suddenly demanding that this new “uncertainty” is a marathon versus a sprint, and I invite you to rise to the challenge with me! 


I can’t think of a more relevant and empowering set of self-care tools than the BodyTalk Access routine to empower everyone to be supported at every level, and especially at this phase of our journey. These tools meet you exactly where you are and help you find deeper and deeper stability. 


I welcome you with honor into this rich, powerful next step on your journey.


In community,

Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson

BodyTalk Instructor

& Dancing Rabbit resident

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