Cake and Celebration

Straw bales and timber frames are a common combination at Dancing Rabbit. Here, another house goes up on Crooked Route Road. Pleasant, not-too-hot weather, greenery all around, tomato and eggplant and basil, oh my... Tereza here, enjoying the abundance of summer and offering news from my corner of Rabbit Land! I'll begin with feline happenings... I read Ted's column of last week and cannot believe he neglected to mention the newest addition to his family: Gromit the kitten! He is so cute! (The kitten, I mean. Ted's cute too but he doesn't have furry white paws and grey tabby stripes…read more >

Getting Greener, June 4

Good thing I love the color green! We've had so much rain in the last few weeks that everything is bursting with growth! (Well, yes, and mud, but the green is brighter than the brown.) I'm sure I'm not the only one enjoying at least one aspect of the wet -- all the wonderful homegrown food from the gardens. Recent yumminess has included garlic chives, asparagus, salad greens, braising greens, and last night I had my first strawberries of the season. Mmmmmmm.... Tereza here, appreciating a little sunshine after a few too many days of rain, wind, and chillier than…read more >

Something for Everyone, 1/4/13

Once again I begin with the weather. I can’t help it, it’s been so bizarre. Upper 50s (Fahrenheit) one day, barely into double digits the next. Forecast calls for sun, then it’s cloudy. Calls for snow, it’s sunny. I give up, Weather, you win! I have no idea what to wear or when to plan outdoor work or laundry anymore… Tereza here, with what she can recall of what happened this week at DR. The sun has been especially important to me this winter, as on sunny days my new little home (named The Haven), needs no other source of…read more >

Stuff and Nonsense, 12/3/2012

Phew! What a week! Tereza here with all the Dancing Rabbit happenings... Well, maybe not so many, actually, because I spent the entire week utterly absorbed in moving from Bluestem (and sorting and packing and cleaning to get it ready for the person who is renting it this winter) to my new place, so I'm not too sure what else happened... I do remember that one night four separate things were scheduled: two movie showings (fortunately in different locations), orchestra rehearsal, and a bonfire whose attendees thought and talked about how we can better care for our land. So much…read more >

Reunion Report and More, 10/9/12

One of the many fascinating things I discovered at Dancing Rabbit's 15th Anniversary Party & Reunion this past weekend is that some of our readers (not naming names, but one of them rhymes with Moby) don't always appreciate the many references to the weather in our weekly column. Who knew? Tereza here, hereby warning you NOT to read the next two paragraphs if you fall into this group. Wow. It got cold. Our first hard frost came just in time to welcome back the non-locals joining us in our celebration, many of whom were tenting. It was hard to convince…read more >

Chasing Dreams, Tomatoes, and Skirts – June 11, 2012

Part of our mission says that we want to grow to be the size of a small town, and which is usually spoken of as being 500-1000 people. (Our current population is approximately 70.) Population growth has been a hot topic off and on at DR. Folks discuss, how much, how fast, and in what ways we should grow. I think we all agree that if we grow too quickly we run the risk of losing our unique culture and possibly even experiencing the dreaded "mission drift." What we differ on is exactly how fast is too fast.

May Day! May Day! – May 7

Greetings! Tereza here, with all the doings at Dancing Rabbit, or at least all the doings I know about... Seems like it was a super busy week, so in an attempt to not forget anything important, I've decided to go backwards in time. Our first visitor session of the season ended Monday, but since three visitors have decided to make the transformation into work exchangers and/or residents, we didn't have to say goodbye to too many awesome people. I've really enjoyed this batch of visitors, and am looking forward to getting to know the ones who are staying even better…read more >