Caring for Each Other: A Dancing Rabbit Update

"Tereza!" Ted yelled when he saw me, "You are the last person I wanted to see here!" Not might sound warm or caring to you, dear reader, but it was. Let me set the scene... A number of Spiral Scouts and parents were camping out near the new pond on Saturday night, and while it had been announced that they'd be having a bonfire that all were welcome to, by the time it actually rolled around I'd forgotten all about it. It had been a long hot day, so I decided to take a solar shower. As I was sudsing…read more >
Slowing Down the Busy: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Slowing Down the Busy: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Tereza here... slowing down amidst the hectic-ness. Yes, I know it's spring turning to summer. That the weather has been mostly amazing, with sunny days that are warm but not too hot, and with enough rain that not too much watering needs to happen. I know that warmer days are usually busier days. And I hear the birds singing and squawking their joy and fear as their babies flop and flap their wings as they leave the nest, and that not all those babies make it out there in the big cruel world. I see the gardens bursting with new…read more >

Reveling in the Green: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Tereza here, recently returned and reveling in the green and flowery spring so far. I'm feeling especially grateful for the current warmth, as I just got back from a month-long trip to Texas, where Nathan and I visited family and friends in San Antonio and Austin. The temps there were far more to my liking than the soggier and chillier ones NE MO generally has in March. My gladness to be away from the cold was reinforced by the hard freeze the night we came home, when fears of a fruit-less year were in the air. Jennifer was concerned that we might miss the…read more >

Joys and Challenges: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Hello from a swiftly chilling Dancing Rabbit! Tereza here, with an update in the midst of retreat— as of this writing we have two and a half days to go. Weather-wise we've had a number of pleasant sunny days, but now the forecast says it won't get above freezing again until the end of the week. As someone who dislikes the cold, I'm putting my usual happy spin on things (ha!) by feeling more ready to embrace days spent sitting in circle in toasty warm rooms, talking with my friends and neighbors. But first, the biggest news in my personal…read more >