All Snug in Their Beds, 12/31/12

As we hit the first days of 2013, I'm full of memories from another year jam-packed with construction, friends new and old, meetings, events, celebrations, and so much more. How do we fit it all in? It takes a village. I certainly couldn't manage this much fun and fullness on my own, without a collection of friends to carry some of the load.

Keeping Warm, 10/29/12

Ted here at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage on day three of our first run of solidly freezing nights. After intermittently wet days of shorts and sweaty outdoor work earlier in the week, the cold front blew in seemingly over the course of half an hour or so Thursday. We all went scrambling for more layers, and I didn't stop rummaging for a couple days until I'd dug all my woolens out of a barrel. Layering on woolen warmth for the first time each year is every time a delicious pleasure, surely drawing on our instinctual desire for sheltering warmth when the…read more >

Pillars of Earth, 10/1/12

Hello again from Ted here at Dancing Rabbit with this week's update. The cracks in the ground are still widening here in Scotland County. It feels a little like summer is draining out of the trees and fields. Though cooler weather makes it less noticeable to me, we are still living in a parched land. Water on the cabbages and root crops in the garden seems to run right through to the subsoil. The pond is lower than at any time since it was built. I am thankful for the cistern under my house and all the previously fallen rain…read more >

It’s Dry, So Dry: July 24, 2012

With high temperatures hanging around 100 again at the moment, and much of my life and work based outdoors, I am finding acceptance within me: discomfort is transitory. I can always take comfort from the trees that stay green around us, despite baking in the heat day after day with extended periods of no rain. Like a tree with deep roots to find the moisture below, I have now been here long enough to remember previous hot, dry spells. We survived those. Wetter, cooler times return sooner or later; meanwhile there is still plenty of work to be done. Ted…read more >