Bobbing for Turnips: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Bobbing for Turnips: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Top news of the week: bobbing for turnips is just about as fun as bobbing for apples. Ted here with this week's update from Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. If you're thinking I just wrote the other week, well, it's true: we're on a short rotation at the moment, working on recruiting new contributors to our weekly update, so you can get the full spectrum of viewpoints from the village. There were also hedge balls floating in the tub, as I approached it during the party out at Critter kitchen, but I've seen those when they're bruised— milky sap. It would take…read more >
Autumn is Here: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Autumn is Here: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Forty-two degrees as a low the other night brought me clearly to awareness, and even an embrace of, autumn. I must admit I'm not ready for a frost yet, but we have had them as early as Sept. 15 in my years here, so all of this time—still-ripening tomatoes and peppers and having our paths lined with flowers and jumping in the pond after ultimate—all of this is bonus. And maybe a little compensation for the brutal June weather that delayed things in our garden. Ted here, writing for the first time since I lost my Dad. I was there…read more >

Sea of Green Leaves: A Dancing Rabbit Update

The first hints of autumn are in the air this week, with low temps in the 50s and highs in the 70s and steady winds bringing more power... absolutely lovely! But in the context of how our June-stunted peppers and eggplants are only just starting to bear fruit... I feel anxiety about having enough time before cold weather for a good amount of our crop to make it. Such are the tribulations of homesteaders relying as much as they can on the products of their own (and their neighbors') labors. Ted here at Dancing Rabbit with this week's update. The…read more >

Rain, a Big Birthday, and Friends Return: A Dancing Rabbit Update

There is always something to write about here at Dancing Rabbit each week, but it seems there is more than usual to cover this time around. Ted here to bring you the update from our corner of northeast Missouri. After something like five weeks of days in the 90s with every predicted rain missing us or dropping fitfully for a few minutes before vanishing like a mirage, the cracks in the soil here had grown large enough to lose things in, and watering in the garden from dwindling stored supplies had turned into a nearly full-time job for gardeners who…read more >

Feels Like Summer: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Ted here to bring you the latest from Dancing Rabbit, after what felt like the first week of summer, complete with steady warmth, mild nights, and some good thunderstorms. I had a second week off from my current day job last week, and managed to slowly tick off some long-awaited to-dos from my list. Moving more earth and manure to top up the soil level in the top-most planting terrace on our house's berm, I finally got my artichoke seedlings planted alongside some leeks. I made long-awaited fixes to my bike (my current commuter conveyance), got my aging cheeses moved…read more >

A Peach Blossom of a Weekly Update

Time travels strangely here in the village at times. From one perspective, months often fly by me in a blink and I wonder where they've gone. From another, I can spend a week watching and anticipating the opening of the season's first peach flowers, time slowing to a crawl. Sometimes, like this week, I can simultaneously experience both sensations. Ted here at Dancing Rabbit to offer a virtual sampling of the village this week. The peach tree in question fills the small yard in front of Ironweed kitchen. It was a volunteer that started out in the kitchen's greenhouse long…read more >

Hens on the Loose: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Ted here bringing you this week's update from an outdoor picnic table late on an early March afternoon when it ought by rights to be colder than it is... but spring weather keeps returning persistently. Among other things I can see from here are some 2-3" tall tulip sprouts, the sprouting tips of some elderberries, and at least one of my escaped hens. The hens have been a constant preoccupation this past week. They have clearly decided that winter is over and there are insects waking up and tasty green growing tips of all sorts of things out there to…read more >

Midwinter Musings: A Dancing Rabbit Update

With the mid-winter point coming up this week (Imbolc, for some), I'm finding myself taking stock of this winter's qualities and beginning to think of it as another mild winter like last year's. Last year was the warmest on record, globally, and this is set to be the (new) warmest yet again, according to climatologists, so it seems possible that this winter could end up similarly warm overall. I'm thinking of this in part because Dan just sent out the reminder that sugaring season is coming up, and last winter's mild February made for a very brief, mild sap flow.…read more >