Milkweed Mercantile Hosts Artist in Residence Program

Art has been a part of the Milkweed Mercatile ever since it opened in 2010, from the designs on the lime plaster interior walls, to artwork of local artists hanging on the halls and in the rooms, to the local art for sale in the store.  This season the Milkweed Mercantile will be hosting an Artist in Residence Program. Find out more about it on Alline's blog Ecovillage Musings. Or click here.  read more >

Living Sustainably at DR-In Detail: Sustainable Building

You may wonder what it's like to live at DR, and in what ways we are living differently from the rest of America. This series of posts is intended to let you in on some of the practices and technologies we use here to reduce our impact on the planet.  This is my personal story, and although there are people here that live simpler lives than I do, and some that live with more amenities, this should give you some idea of an average person's lifestyle here.  Most of the ways of living I explain you could practice where you live…read more >

DR Out and About

Education is central to Dancing Rabbit's mission and we are always working to inspire people towards sustainable living and give them the information and tools to really do it. In the next few weeks some rabbits will be giving public presentations while they are out and about. Please come join us if we are in your area and please help us promote these events. And if you are interested in hosting such an event in your area contact our outreach team at outreachdancingrabbitorg . Upcoming Dancing Rabbit speaking events: November 2-4, 2012 – Ann Arbor, Michigan NASCO Institute – Many…read more >

Keeping livestock for a more sustainable food system

Dancing Rabbit recently took 19 acres of our land out of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), a government program that pays us to maintain potential agricultural land as wildlife habitat.  Though this program has helped us pay the mortgage on our land, most of the land we could potentially use for ag projects has been under CRP contract and has not been available for use by members without the payment of a significant penalty.  The recent opening up of land has spurred interest in new agricultural projects and has begun a community process of forming new agricultural policies around how…read more >

Books That Made a Difference

At DR we all have our stories about how we found the courage to move to an ecovillage and live differently from most of the people in the US.  Alline recently put up this post on her blog Ecovillage Musings about the books that inspired her to want move to a place like Dancing Rabbit.  If you want to be inspired, you should check out her recommendations. more >

A Sustainable Vineyard and Winery At DR

Modern winemaking has brought many apparent improvements to wine. In the past, while developing a reputation, California tried to emulate French winemaking, which was based largely on time-honored winemaking traditions. But California became a frontier for modern winemaking techniques, and at some point ventured out on its own. Now many wineries worldwide, French wineries included, are adopting modern methods to produce wines different from those of the past, with a taste that many consumers have now come to view as superior. Wine preferences are influenced by many things, and many still debate whether modern wines are superior or whether the…read more >

This Year’s Workshops at DR: Natural Building, Ecovillages, Dance, Food Preservation

As our village grows there are more opportunities for all of you out there to learn from us and at the same time find out more about our ecovillage.  Attend workshops on natural building, dance, food preservation, and sustainable culture leadership, and see first hand how we are creating a model for a more sustainable world. Our workshops are organized by different people at DR, so you'll have to contact the organizers to find out more about registration,  accommodations, and details about the workshops themselves. See the links below for each workshop category. Hope to see you at Dancing Rabbit this season! Natural Building…read more >

Ways We Live More Sustainably: The Milkweeds

I've been wanting to do an article about the many different lifestyle and infrastructure changes we as individuals have made at DR to reduce our impact on the planet.   Fortunately, the Milkweeds wrote just such an article for their blog, Ecovillage Musings.  Like they say in their post, outside of the 6 covenants we live by here at DR,  everyone chooses how far they will go to shrink their footprint.  This is their story, and if I can convince some others to talk about their lives, I will post more stories here.  If you want to find out a little about how Thomas lives,…read more >