We Are Circling, 5/29/13

Howdy y'all. Greetings from Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, which might be renamed Squishy Bottom, Missouri by the middle of this week. This is Ben, attempting to bring you the latest happenings from our quaint utopian burg. What is primarily important to convey is the climatic condition of our region, currently classified as excessively damp. I project that friends and neighbors may be experiencing frustration relating to these conditions, as I have heard the rumble of planters on and off during our previous dry spell. Flowing, standing, and then again flowing water has saturated the bottoms throughout NEMO, potentially erasing much of…read more >

Rabbit Eat Rabbit World – 5/1/13

Howdy rabbiteers! Ben here, churning out some quality, high-fiber journalistic fodder for your informational needs. Currently, our climate requires both shorts and muck boots, as the several inches of rain we have received in recent days haven't completely evaporated in the warm breeze. Signs of an emergent spring abound. Blossoms of peach, pear and cherry dangle in front of my face on my morning sojourns to the common house. (Gotta get that outhouse built!) I occasionally catch a whiff of floral perfume when I'm near Lobelia. I've also been eating better these days. For those of us lacking a greenhouse…read more >

Upward Mobility, 3/26/13

Howdy, gentle reader. Ben here, boots dripping from the morning's trudge through the coupla' three inches of wintry snow slush that has accumulated since the other night, heralding the arrival of spring. Yes spring is here, and though perhaps not in the air, it is most certainly on my mind, as I have (with the help of some friends) undertaken my first "spring cleaning" task of the season. No, I didn't shower, but I did clear, disassemble and reassemble our mobile home and transfer it to a new location, using only human power. When I say mobile home, what I…read more >

Riding, and Dancing, into the Sunset 9/18/12

Howdy y’all. Ben here, bringing you some of the latest news from Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, and I believe that I may finally declare that we are progressing toward fall. In fact, upon consulting my calendar, this week will be the autumnal equinox, and I have noticed an increasing difficulty in my ability to creep out from under the blankets at the crack of dawn, into these cool mornings. I have also observed that the dawn doesn’t break quite so suddenly these days. Other signs present at Dancing Rabbit that hint at autumn’s approach include the blooming of asters and goldenrod,…read more >