Ten Year Snapshot: A Visitor’s Eye View of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Betsy Merbitz was an intern at Dancing Rabbit in 2002 and returned last weekend for our 15th Anniversary (aka Land Day) and Reunion. Betsy shares her impressions in this week’s column. Thanks, Betsy! In 2002 Dancing Rabbit was a small community with about fifteen permanent members and approximately five inhabitable homes on the land. I was an intern that summer and fall, and haven't been around much during the ten years since. It was awe-inspiring (and a bit overwhelming) to return this year during the Land Day celebration and get a glimpse of the community that's there today. Of all…read more >

Dancing Rabbit Correspondence September 9, 2012

The desk where I write is next to an upstairs window in our house. At various times I can hear kids laughing and playing (anything from basketball to squealing as they ride their bikes up and down Main Street), the muted conversation and gentle laughter of neighbors interacting, the wind through the leaves, barking dogs, and the blues band practicing across the road at La Casa. Today, however, is so gorgeous and breezy that I decided to leave my desk take a walk around the village to do some "live" reporting.