Aubergine Internship Information



Hey there, Katherine here! I am looking for a couple of self-motivated cos to help in the garden, do some natural building finishing on my house-bus, Aubergine, and cook in our totally awesome (propane free) kitchen of the Critter Collective.

I work a lot “outside the home” which means that you will be working with another wexer for a lot of the time. I would like to get into a rhythm so that I feel comfortable working in the office of our non-profit and other places around the village knowing that y’all are getting along just fine during the work day.

I am part of the Critter Collective and am looking for a folks to process our food (canning/dehydrating) from the garden and is comfortable cooking a primarily vegetarian meal for 8ish folks at a time. I can show you the nettle patch for some foraging and encourage morel hunting-like activities when the time is right. Ideally you would come early May and stay through the growing season to harvest and process.  Basic chores are weeding, digging grass, mulching, and watering the garden. A special chore to keep you busy is rebuilding the garden fence! When not in the garden, I would love to see an initiative in the kitchen from cheese, tofu, and bread making to ferments and other such fun projects. One fun project that is being talked about in our Collective is the building of a Lorena Stove.

I also have a lot of finish work to do on my house Aubergine which includes a wooden floor, cobbing/finish plaster, and getting the water catchment system a bit more functional. There may be even more building to do with a guest house, solar shower, and meat smoker in the plans.

As you can tell, I have a lot going on and would love some fresh energy to come and help make it happen! Beginner experience is acceptable if the enthusiasm is abundant!  🙂

Email Katherine at if interested.