Adventures in Mud: A Dancing Rabbit Workshop

Stacking straw bales at Thunderlodge, where you will get to work, is a blast!

It’s spring and the season of mud is upon us; and for some villagers at Dancing Rabbit that means spending time building homes made of earth.

You are invited to join in on either or both of two natural building workshops, where you will nourish your mind, heart and stomach over 4 exciting days. You’ll also get the chance to see how simple ingredients are used to create a beautiful work of art that one of our community members will actually live in.

Come join us in the mud! You will:

  • Learn how to stack straw bales properly for a sound structure
  • Learn how to make and use earthen plasters, adapted for your needs
  • Learn how to mix and apply lime plasters
  • Develop an instinct for how natural mortar mixes should look and feel
  • Get some practice with a variety of building tools
  • Learn how a building’s foundation, frame, roof, and walls fit together in design and construction
  • Learn how to differentiate between what requires detailed attention, and what can be quick and dirty, so you can build both artfully and efficiently
  • Get a taste of artistic elements like tile and stained glass mosaics
  • Gain new insights into what different styles of human shelters made of natural materials can be
  • Develop a deep understanding of the important role natural building can play in these times of unpredictable climate change
  • Get loads of exercise, have lots of laughs, and maybe make some new friends!

Take control of your ability to create your own home with your hands this summer or fall, by signing up today. We look forward to seeing your muddy feet around the village!

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