Ecological Covenants

Here are the ecological covenants people who live at Dancing Rabbit agree to adhere to, as part of our endeavor to pass on a healthy planet to future generations:

1. Dancing Rabbit members will not use personal motorized vehicles, or store them on Dancing Rabbit property.
2. At Dancing Rabbit, fossil fuels will not be applied to the following uses: powering vehicles, space-heating and -cooling, refrigeration, and heating domestic water.
3. All gardening, landscaping, horticulture, silviculture and agriculture conducted on Dancing Rabbit property must conform to the standards as set by OCIA for organic procedures and processing. In addition, no petrochemical biocides may be used or stored on DR property for household or other purposes.
4. All electricity produced at Dancing Rabbit shall be from sustainable sources. Any electricity imported from off-site shall be balanced by Dancing Rabbit exporting enough on site, sustainably generated electricity, to offset the imported electricity.
5. Lumber used for construction at Dancing Rabbit shall be either reused/reclaimed, locally harvested, or certified as sustainably harvested.
6. Waste disposal systems at Dancing Rabbit shall reclaim organic and recyclable materials.