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The Vehicles

1998 diesal VW Jetta

Here you see 2 of our DRVC vehicles. DRVC stands for Dancing Rabbit Vehicle Cooperative. At DR members don’t own private vehicles, instead a car co-op provides for our transportation needs. Currently we have two vehicles: a black 1998 Volkswagon Jetta EcoDiesel and a 2001 Ford F350 pickup truck. All vehicles are powered with biodiesel, an alternative fuel made from vegetable oil.
One of our main ecological goals at Dancing Rabbit is to reduce the amount of driving we do. Each week we plan our vehicle use together, and members sign up for vehicles as they need them throughout the week. We try as much as possible to combine trips and run errands for each other.
Now follow me over on to DR land and we’ll take a look at the gardens.

This page last updated April 02, 2007