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The Land

Dancing Rabbit owns 280 acres, but we can’t show it all to you on this brief tour (maybe we’ll go on a land walk sometime). Our land is rolling hills with prairies on the tops, savanna on the slopes, and woodland near the creeks and lowlands. Or at least it was historically and we’re trying to restore it to that. Until a few years ago 240 of our acres were being farmed or grazed. Now we have 200 acres in the government’s Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), which helps us plant native grasses and do reforestation.
Even as DR grows we only plan to develop a small portion of the land for human habitation or agriculture. By clustering our buildings and integrating gardens and orchards within the village we hope to minimize our footprint and maximize our wildlands.
In the time since we’ve owned our land we’ve learned so much about the native plants and ecosystem. We often take walks to explore and look for wildflowers and songbirds.

Let’s go back and take a look at Skyhouse, our largest building yet.