Press Kit

We’re glad you’re interested in sharing our village with your audience! Our mission is to educate, demonstrate, and live by example, and at the same time we value our privacy and the comfort of knowing who’s in the village at any time. Most importantly, please don’t just show up expecting to film, interview, or even look around, without having arranged for an orientation first.

We have some protocol around photography and other types of media. Please read our Media Policy before creating media about Dancing Rabbit or planning to visit Dancing Rabbit for your project.

Dancing Rabbit Overview

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is an intentional community dedicated to living sustainably. We are located on 280 acres of beautiful Missouri rolling hills, purchased by our land trust in 1997. Our land includes six ponds and a small creek that runs much of the year. We have 40 acres in woodland plus 30 acres where we have planted over 12,000 trees as part of our restoration efforts. We are housed in a variety of living arrangements, adhere to many different diets, and work on varied projects. Our community is flexible enough to include egalitarian and co-housing communities, and individual households. Building styles here range from Natural building and Green building all the way to more conventional construction methods.

Our Members

We currently have about 70 members ranging from baby- through elderhood. We have bios available for many of our members. Although Dancing Rabbit is still a small community in the pioneering stage, we call ourselves an ecovillage because our goal is to grow to be a self-reliant town of 500 to 1000 residents who are committed to radical environmental sustainability.

The members at Dancing Rabbit adhere to six ecological covenants including a commitment to living without a personal vehicle, organic gardening practices, producing electricity from sustainable sources, using reclaimed and bio-regional lumber, and adhering to waste disposal systems that reclaim organic and recyclable materials.

News Coverage

We have been featured in several media pieces throughout the years.

Publicity Materials

We are happy to share some of our community photos and videos with you! We also have several videos about Dancing Rabbit on our YouTube channel, DRTV.

Contact Us

Anyone wishing to film, publish articles or books, or conduct research projects should contact [email protected] for further information.