Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage Featured in Nickelodeon’s Nick News “A Kid Off The Grid”

On April 19, 2009, Dancing Rabbit was featured in Nickelodeon’s Nick News in their A Kid Off The Grid special, a TV program about what kids are doing around the country to live more ecologically. In February of 2008, Nick News sent a small camera crew to Dancing Rabbit where they spent time with Rowan, Cynder, and Morgan, three of the nine children who make up our kid population to talk about life off the grid. The episode aired as part of Nickelodon’s Earth Day celebration.

Nick News captured different facets of daily life in a community that uses solar and wind power for electricity, has homes made out of recycled and natural materials, and grows its own food. The camera crew became aware of just how very different Dancing Rabbit kids’ lives are versus those children living in the city or suburbs.

In some of the interviews, Rowan talks about what Dancing Rabbit homes are built with, Cynder describes how we use solar power, and Morgan talks about what makes life different in a rural ecological community, including Dancing Rabbit’s humanure system. Cob, father of Morgan compares the family’s old home back in New York with their newer, tinier, more efficient, and more sustainable home at Dancing Rabbit.

First airing on April 19, 2009, A Kid Off The Grid successfully documents what living in an ecological community looks like, and how kids lives are different when they are off the grid.

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