Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage Featured in Food Network’s “My Life in Food”

Ted, Sara, and Aurelia

On April 4, 2009, at 6:30 P.M. ET, Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage was featured in the Food Network’s new television series, My Life in Food: Living off the Land. In the summer of 2008, The Food Network trekked to Dancing Rabbit to document the rural community’s relationship to food for their TV series. The production team wanted to learn how an intentional community devoted to sustainability grows their own food, and how food plays an important role in daily life at Dancing Rabbit.

The Food Network team spent much of their time with members Ted and Sara as they lead the curious camera crew throughout the village and explained its inner workings, and how food is grown, cooked, and of course, eaten and savored.

Scenes include a group of people enjoying an outdoor meal made from garden veggies, Ted biking to our neighboring community, Sandhill Farm to purchase some of their homegrown wheat and honey, and a sequence about planting and establishing hundreds of trees on our land.

The cameras also caught lots of footage of many of other aspects of life not strictly related to food, including building, community responsibilities, and giving tours to the public.

First airing on April 4, 2009, My Life in Food: Living off the Land sheds some light on the importance of growing organic food and helping to create a thriving community around the ideals of sustainability. It is clear that growing and eating organic foods is a vital element to everyday life at Dancing Rabbit, and a key point in creating a sustainable ecovillage.

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Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage: https://www.dancingrabbit.org

My Life in Food: http://www.foodnetwork.com/my-life-in-food/index.html