RyanIn the year 2000 I was living in Portland, OR and as I was browsing in the world famous and fabulous Powell’s bookstore, in the environmental section I saw this book called “The Communities Directory”, a book published by the infamous FIC (www.ic.org). As I flipped through it I noticed funny happy hippy names like, Twin Oaks, Rainbow Farms, Earthaven, Hummingbird, and even a really silly happy hippy name “Dancing Rabbit” and I found myself chuckling in the book stacks at the hilarity of hippy stereotypes being fulfilled by this great book. Even still I found myself incredibly drawn to the descriptions of these communities and what their missions and accomplishments were. I thought “I have finally found my people” (after years of wondering if there were any other people out there that thought/acted like I did…so different than most people).

Years later in 2007 I embarked with an old friend and now lover Mandy, on a 2 year 6500 mile bicycle journey to visit 100 sustainable communities around the USA to finally move towards this life I had dreamed of living so many years before.

The result is a 90 minute documentary film called “Within Reach” (www.withinreachmovie.com) which weaves together the story of our journey to find sustainable community” and some of the 10 or so highlighted communities of the 100 we filmed (including Dancing Rabbit as one of the 10). Mandy and I ended up at Dancing Rabbit as it really was the best fit for us and the community that seemed to be the most aligned with our vision. We also can’t help but say that Dancing Rabbit seems to have an abundant, alive, and vibrant culture, structure, and energy to it…more so than most all the other communities we visited…at least from our own personal bias. 🙂

At Dancing Rabbit we will be seeking our dream of building a natural hobbit home, growing a garden, and raising a family, all with our beloved friends right next to us.