Loren’s Bio

unnamedMost of my life I have felt out of place with out of place ideas.  Even as a child I was concerned with ideas of waste, pollution and other injustices I perceived we that were inflicting on each other and on our planet.  I remember wanting to compost food wastes before I even know what the word meant or that people anywhere actually did such a thing.  It just made sense to feed our gardens instead of our landfills.  I remember wanting to find solutions.

As an adult, when I lived in big houses, I just kept thinking of how I didn’t need all that. I have often thought that I could even live in a tiny house as long as I had enough land to garden to my heart’s content.  I have even imagined many times how great it would be to have a bunch of my close friends living right next to me.  I didn’t realize then that Communities like this really existed.

In College I discovered my love for volunteer work and how I thrived when I had a sense of purpose.  For the first time I realized that I had leadership abilities, was treated with great respect and experienced a sense of community. Finding and later leading L/G/B/T support groups, I learned what kind of person I was and what I truly believed in.

I originally went to school for Psychology but I ended up finding a career in Computer Repair.  I owned my own business for seven years, but when I found myself too busy and stressed out to mentor teens any longer, I felt completely without purpose.  I closed my store, gave away over 80% of my possessions and went back to a non-profit I had worked with years before.

It was there that I was reminded how much I loved being surrounded with intelligent people who were passionate about making a difference in the world.  These volunteers inspired me to begin forming ideas about the kind of community I wanted to become a part of.  I began searching the Internet for a group of people who were completely dedicated to all things sustainable and not consumed by materialistic ambitions.  What I found was even more than I’d hoped for.  I found a community of people who are also interested in self-improvement, healthy communications, treating one another with respect and forever striving to live a greater quality of life.

I moved to Dancing Rabbit 3 months after my visit, only because I couldn’t get here any sooner.  I have now made a ton of new friends and am pursuing plans to help with outreach, education, new green tech, and village beautification ideas.  Plans to start a new business are also under way and I look forward to one day building a home of my own design. I cannot claim to know everywhere my future will take me, but for now, I feel like I have finally found my home.