My name is Todd Walker but you can call me Coz. I was born in Minneapolis and is where I spent most of my life. While I am an only child I did have a large extended family. My mother had 13 brothers and sisters so, I most likely have cousins I’ve never even met before. One of the things I liked about the Twin Cities is how “green” it is. They have a great public transportation and biking scene, long before it was a cool thing to do.

I spent a lot of years in the construction trades, working in almost all phases, from operating heavy equipment to cut out the neighborhood, to framing and finish carpentry and even selling house I had flipped. This was my ticket to visit Dancing Rabbit. I filled out the request for an application on the green builders page and next thing I know, I am the 1st targeted recruit.

For many years I had joked with friends about how “someday I was going to buy property out in the middle of nowhere and I would start my own lil’ hippie commune”. When the economy tanked and property prices were lower than they had been in forever, I figure it was a great time to make that happen. While writing up a business plan for it I started to look online to see if any old communes were still out there that I could emulate. Boy was I shocked to see just how large the Intentional Community movement was.

While I was checking out all of the different communities I kept coming back time and time again to the Dancing Rabbit website. This community seemed to have almost all of the things I was hoping to do. It seems that most people who start something like this tell you not to start something up new but rather join something that already exists. So that’s exactly what I did.