Baloo’s Bio

Mug shotI arrived at Dancing Rabbit with Jess on June 3, 1999. Jess now lives down the road at Sandhill, but I still live at Dancing Rabbit under the care of Kurt and Alline. All my life we had lived in urban and suburban locales. Most recently I had been studying to be a rescue dog out in Portland, Oregon. City life was hard on me; I never could get enough time or space to run around and enjoy myself. At Dancing Rabbit I learned what it was like to sniff the ground where there wasn’t any pavement, herbicides or air pollution.

I feel very liberated – no more getting locked inside all day while everyone else goes to work. Instead I stay outside all day and everyone comes out to see me when they go off to do their various activities. Yum! Stick.And while I’m still very fond of my original human companion, I’ve found that community life is very fulfilling. I have more friends than ever. I spend most of my time sleeping in the irises, fetching sticks, and frolicking by the gardens. My true passion involves carrying wooden objects about with my mouth, my most recent obsession being with firewood. If you have any ingenious ways to harness this love of mine into a productive activity for the community, I would love to hear it.

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