I am really struggling to write this bio about my life. I suppose I could start at the beginning. I was born and raised in the Southwest. I have a younger brother and my parents divorced when I was young. My childhood was pretty good. I remember good friends, laughter, games, and travel. Yet this doesn’t really feel like me. This feels more like a story about someone I might have known.

Perhaps instead, I could tell you about themes in my life. I have always been fascinated by adversities faced by women. In remember in high school choosing to write papers about women triumphing over poverty or inequality. I danced around feminist ideas and worked at discovering my own personal path as a woman in the world. As an adult, I found myself drawn to midwifery. As a midwife, I have the distinct privilege of witnessing the transformation from woman to mother over and over again. Other themes in my life might include responsibility, sustainability, and endings. All of these themes have helped me in some way or another to land here at Dancing Rabbit. These feel more like me than the historical facts of my life. Yet, they don’t describe me in the present moment. Who am I now?

My life at Dancing Rabbit is full and rich. Perhaps I can tell you about the many things that I love about living here. Here is an incomplete list: raising my child in a place where he can play freely and develop relationships with wonderful people, never ending time with my family, abundant time spent doing things I love, growing and putting up a lot of my own food, practicing midwifery on a small scale, playing ultimate frisbee, sharing, a greater sense of balance, playing with my growth edge, feeling less hopeless about the world in which I live, living in a house that I built with my own two hands, living in a house that I own outright (no mortgage).

Yet only talking about my loves as they relate to Dancing Rabbit doesn’t give a complete picture. There are also inevitably challenges to living this lifestyle. Here is another incomplete list: playing with my growth edge, increased chances to work on conflict, burn out, exhaustion, living quite some distance from the rest of my family, Rutledge isn’t necessarily an easy place to get to in order to visit, sharing, no-power days, lots and lots of squash bugs.

Alyssa and Son

Alyssa & Zane

Maybe if I offer a photo of myself you will get a clearer picture of who I am.

And I suppose if that isn’t enough, then maybe your best bet is to come and visit. I would be happy to share more around a warm meal in my cozy home. Until then…