Alex B’s Bio

My name is Alex and I’m from Greenbelt, Maryland; a suburb of Washington, DC.

Greenbelt was planned and built by the FDR administration as a walkable community for low to moderate income families. It has a strong co-operative and citizen activist tradition that has an enduring influence on me.

I studied Aerospace Engineering at Penn State and at the NASA Langley Research Center. Afterwards, I got a programming job and decided I could afford to do something different than the 9 to 5, car commute to desk job routine. I fumbled around doing odd jobs, including being a DC bike courier, before settling down managing a community theater part time, about a 10 minute walk from home.

After a year and a half I joined the Peace Corps, going to Tanzania to teach math and Physics. I stayed 3 years.

Upon returning, I got back into Aerospace Engineering, working for the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center – in Greenbelt. I would have stayed if they had let me work 3/4 time, maybe.

Instead, I moved to Twin Oaks, an income sharing community of 90 adults in central Virginia. I lived there for 3.3 years. Many fond memories, especially meeting Bri.

From Twin Oaks I and Bri joined the Peace Corps. We were sent to Niger where we worked on gardening, farming, and trees with our Nigerien neighbors. We also traveled around Niger and West Africa.

After returning to America, we lived at the Des Moines Catholic Worker and at Jonah House, in Baltimore, while Bri finished her degree in Nursing.

We joined Skyhouse, the income sharing community at Dancing Rabbit, when Bri started working at the nearby hospital. I’m looking forward to gardening and playing ultimate here at DR, as well as contributing to the growth and sustainability of Skyhouse and Dancing Rabbit.