Tamar’s Cabin

Since Tamar’s passing, her cabin has become a community space for meditation, health and healing. It is also rented as winter housing to community members who share Tamar’s values for these arts.

In 1999 when Kalen joined our community he wanted to build his own home. He didn’t have much construction experience or much money so he wanted to keep things simple. He built himself a small wood framed house with light-clay-straw infill. Light-clay-straw is made by coating straw with a clay slurry and then packing it into the walls.
Since he’s an artist, Kalen decorated his home with murals and numerous trinkets, including bird nests and deerskins. Kalen moved away from Dancing Rabbit and Tamar bought his cabin in August of 2002. She added a porch to the front of the cabin, and a large garden nearby.