We hired Kent, a general contractor and friend of the community, to head the construction of our community building. Subcontractors were DR members Tamar and Kurt. Liberty joined in as a work exchanger, gaining construction experience in return for her help. Many other members and residents helped out, some for just a few hours, some for many months. We also got some outside help with the digging, concrete work and guttering.

After an energetic community ground breaking ceremony, construction began in May of 2003. Since we were so eager to get into our new building, it began serving our group meeting needs (business and social) later that same summer! However, it wasn’t officially ready for regular use until February 2004.

The steps of the construction process listed below are roughly in order, with some overlap:

  • leveling the site/moving earth
  • putting in the cistern
  • laying the foundation
  • installing the initial plumbing
  • cutting tile on concrete floor
  • setting concrete block walls for earth berms
  • framing the walls
  • putting on the roof and installing the gutter system
  • attaching outside sheathing
  • installing the windows and doors
  • installing the wiring for the solar power system
  • putting in the interior insulation
  • applying the stucco
  • attaching the exterior trim
  • installing the gypsum board
  • texturing and painting walls
  • installing fixtures
  • installing interior trim
  • mounting and connecting solar panels
  • installing inverter
Kent was hired to help lead the construction.
Kurt and Penn
Kurt helped with leading the construction. Penn worked with the crewthroughout much of the process.
Roof hanging
Although the crew did a superb job with putting on the roof, they wanted to make sure the strong winds didn’t carry it away!
Tamar power
Tamar demonstrates one of hermany construction skills throughout here.
Outer walls preparation
There’s a feeling of satisfaction to see thefinished studs and rafters as the sun shines on them.
Painting exterior
Penn works on covering the exterior walls with an iron oxide pigment.