Energy Use at Dancing Rabbit

The average American produces 5 times as much CO2 as the world average and easily 30-40% of that comes from energy used directly for things like transportation, home heating and cooling, and electricity. Any attempt to be sustainable must include a shift towards living within the ongoing flow of renewable energy, and away from reliance on fossil fuels.

At Dancing Rabbit, conservation is key. We’ve reduced our consumption to less than 10% of the average American’s for many things including vehicle fuel and electricity.  Only once we’ve reduced our demand do we turn to alternative energy sources, like solar and wind, to meet our needs.

Check out the pages below to find out how we are finding sustainable solutions to energy use at Dancing Rabbit, and to find out how you can change your energy usage.

Sustainable Transportation
Renewable Energy at Dancing Rabbit
Sustainable Home Heating
Ecological Cooking
Sustainable Hot Water