The Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture: Staff

The Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture (formerly Dancing Rabbit, Inc.) at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is the 501(c)3 nonprofit that manages our outreach and educational activities. Below is information on our key staff members.

Danielle Williams

Executive Director, Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture

danielle-solo-1Danielle Williams moved to Dancing Rabbit in 2012 after living at three other intentional communities in three different countries. She worked for the nonprofit as the Correspondent (handling general email and registration for the Visitor Program) from 2013-2016, and more recently as the Programs Director, overseeing the educational offerings of the Center for Sustainable & Cooperative Culture. She delights in living in a 213 sq-ft round house called the Hermitage, built by her partner Hassan. Danielle originally hails from the state of Colorado, and her skills are as diverse and varied as the places she’s lived since then.  Her degree in Peace & Global Studies from Earlham College informs her vision of how ecovillages are part of a global movement towards creating a better world for everyone. She passionately continues to cultivate the world she wants to pass on to future generations.

Carolyn Bunge

Communications Team

Carolyn joined the Dancing Rabbit Staff in the spring of 2017. After nearly 30 years living on the Gulf Coast in Houston, she went on an adventure to find community with her husband and son. The extensive 5 month trip across the U.S. ended with the decision to call Northeast Missouri home. She lives with her family at a neighboring community called Red Earth Farms where they homestead on their leasehold they named Whimsyshire.

Before moving to Red Earth Farms, Carolyn was a high school history teacher. She has used her skills in writing and research, from her B.A. in History, to the benefit of her job here at the Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture and as a copywriter for JB Analytics. In her free time she likes to read, play board games, sew, garden, and spend time on her land. She lives in a 20 foot yurt close to nature spending her days doing the things she loves, with the people who matter most.

Collin Vickers

Communications Team

Vick joined as our correspondent in 2016. He also works in social media to promote causes related to progressive politics, social justice and the environment. In a past life, he worked as a chef in a Las Vegas casino. Nowadays he spends his spare time playing board games and writing creatively.

Alannah Tomich

Development Assistant

Alannah Tomich works with CSCC as the Development Assistant. She has been writing grants for organizations she is passionate about since 2014. Alannah has a BA in Public Health (which she describes as the interconnectedness of humans’ wellbeing with the environment), and she is currently a graduate student in Restorative Practices (building the community foundations for healthy conflict resolution). 
Alannah moved to Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in 2018. She grew up in Kenya and Indonesia, and is often reminded of her childhood by the way our village is organized around handmade footpaths, as well as the way in which the people in our community work and play together. She loves the feeling of being connected with cycles of the natural world, and with a wider range of people of different ages in this ecovillage way of living. 

Kim Scheidt


IMG_20150222_132826920Kim Scheidt joined Dancing Rabbit staff in 2015 as co-accountant. She has worked part-time for the Fellowship for Intentional Community since 2006 doing non-profit accounting. Prior to that she worked as a Certified Public Accountant in San Antonio, TX after receiving her B.S. in Accounting from Truman State University in Kirksville, MO. Kim is a founding member of Red Earth Farms, an intentional community located near Dancing Rabbit. She lives at Dandelion—a sub-community of Red Earth Farms based on the ideals of simple living, permaculture, and feminism.