A Weaving of Worlds: My Experience Singing in Community

It always fills our hearts with joy to hear from prior visitors about how coming to Dancing Rabbit made a positive impact for them. Here is one such reminder from our dear new friend, Jen, who spent some time with us last year during our community singing event. 

“Attending Singing Rabbit was one of the most powerful, uplifting, memorable, and magical experiences I have ever had, and although it took place nearly a year ago, it was so jammed with memories and stories that I still share them frequently.

My first recollection is feeling the fear of fitting in, but all that was quickly dissolved when I met the warm, welcoming villagers. They instantly made me feel a deep sense of connectedness and belonging together on the Earth.

The intimate crowd of less that one hundred guests created an atmosphere that invited many opportunities for thought-provoking conversations, which inspired several lifelong inseparable bonds and never-ending friendships. 

From dawn to dusk, and beyond, there was a colorful kaleidoscope of circle groups, both musical and non-musical, as well as workshops to ingest and learn from. At the same time, there was no sense of hurrying, rushing, or cognitive overload, as the activities were planned with well-placed breaks, allowing time to process and remember everything.  

Truly, attending Singing Rabbit at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage was life-changing. We sang together, laughed together, cried together, and grew together.” – Jen

Whether you love to sing, only sing in the shower, or just want to bask in the voices of others, we invite you to join us this Labor Day Weekend to weave a community together through song. All ages and skill levels are welcome and wanted. With kid centered activities and song circles, it’s an event for the whole family. We hope to see you there. 

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