Henri joins Christina and others for an afternoon movie. Photo by Christina G.

A Typical/Atypical Day: A Dancing Rabbit Update

My favorite part of the visitor program is the Q&A, which usually happens on the first Friday night of the two-week session. It’s a chance for visitors to ask questions of a large group, especially questions that they think might get varying answers. My favorite questions are the ones that I can’t answer right away—the ones that make me think. Questions like “What are some ways that you are working to be more eco?” or “What was the hardest part of transitioning to life at DR?” or “What do you wish that you knew now about moving to Dancing Rabbit?” might keep me thinking throughout the following week.

One question we got this last time, as we often do, is what’s our favorite part of living here. I don’t always answer this one the same, and I enjoy figuring out what my answer is in the moment. Christina here, writing about the little things that make life at DR so great.

Henri joins Christina and others for an afternoon movie. Photo by Christina G.

Of course, there is plenty to love about living here, but right now, my favorite part of living at Dancing Rabbit is all that I get to do in a day. Before, I would go to work and maybe squeeze something else in that day; but here, I might meditate, do yoga, hang out at the pond with the kids, share a leisurely meal with friends, and work in the garden, all in the same day.

Often, this column is about all the interesting and unique things that are going on in our little corner of NEMO; but for me, this past week has been pretty unremarkable. Things have been pretty normal around here, maybe slowing down somewhat from the heat, but sort of rolling along. At the same time, life has been pretty great.  

When I look back at the week, I don’t remember any special events or big moments. But just as the visitor questions help me remember my answers to some of the big questions, writing this column helps me to remember some of the special details. So, I’m writing about just one day.

This was my Sunday—typical, yet atypical, and nice and slow, and also stressful and rushed at times, and pleasant and very full.

6:15 am: My alarm went off because it’s really hot out and I want to get in and out of the garden before the sun comes over the trees. Spending most of my garden-time looking for and squishing three different kinds of squash bugs was not exactly fun but looking at the sun coming up over the trees and the glowing dew on our fast-growing tomato plants never gets old.

8:00 am: I made the walk home. I ran into Alyssa working in her garden and she laughed at how I looked like I was staggering back from a late-night party. When I think about how much more I use my body here, it’s kind of unbelievable. I was tired for sure and it wasn’t even breakfast time.

8:15 am: I made breakfast for the family and myself and changed out of my sweaty work clothes, then I rode my bike to Tamar’s cabin for a half hour of meditation. I have been meeting Liz there regularly, as she wrote about last week, and when I think about the logistics that would have been involved in my previous life to meet someone else to meditate, every day, in a small cabin in the woods, surrounded by birds and rustling leaves… I am grateful for my current life for sure.  

9:30 am: I had to cut the meditation short and head over to my clean-team shift in the Common House. Spending an hour and a half cleaning is not my favorite way to spend a Sunday morning, and yet there are some great things about Clean Team. I love how everyone just shows up and gets to work—looking for what needs to get done and then tackling that project. I also love how most people try to do at least one undesirable job. I think Kyle must have spent the entire time scrubbing and cleaning the two humey (toilet) stalls. There is something humbling and nice about contributing this kind of service to the community.

11:00 am: I came home to make and eat more food and get ready for the next Sunday event.  Every week, we have a week-in-preview meeting (also known as “The WIP”). It’s a time to figure out ride shares, make announcements, and plan whatever is going on that week. It’s also a time to buy eggs, and this week, to buy some sale-priced chevre, fresh from the Goat Co-op.

1:30 pm: I met visitor Michelle for a Tarot card reading in the Common House library.  As this was only the second time in my life that I have received a Tarot card reading, I can hardly call it a typical Sunday event, and yet, it is typical that the visitors who come through here have cool and unique offerings. Last year, one visitor taught a quick class on accounting. And earlier this year, a visitor played Tibetan bowls during daily meditation for a whole week.

3:00 pm: We set up for a screening of The Last Jedi in the Common House. Again, this is not typical of Sundays around here—in fact, we almost always have a meeting of some kind in that 2:00 time-slot. But this week there were no meetings, and so we decided to celebrate a little with air-conditioning and popcorn.

7:00 pm: After dinner, our family headed back outside, some for nightly chores, and others to play in the cooling air. Javi met Brian for the evening goat-milking, I added more mulch to one of our gardens, and the kids met to play on Zane’s new slide. Again, I got to watch the sun do amazing things with the trees and grass, and the pink sky was as pretty as any I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing here.

9:15 pm: I read my son, Max, to sleep. He was out in less than ten minutes. I guess it had been a full day for him as well.


Want to see a day in the life of a Rabbit first hand? Come visit us this year to see us in action and learn practical ways that you can incorporate radical sustainability in your own life! There are still two Sustainable Living Visitor Program sessions and several more workshops happening between now and October, how will you choose to get involved?

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