A Song for Life: My Dancing Rabbit Experience

I moved from Houston to northeast Missouri for one very big reason: community. Not just a group of people, but a thriving community rich with culture and traditions. One of the things my family loves the most is the weekly song circle gathering. Carolyn here, writing about community, singing, and how I am the luckiest gal in the world to live in a place where I get the best of both. After diving deep into the singing culture at Dancing Rabbit, a lot of people talked wistfully about the singing gatherings and camps they attended throughout the year. It sounded amazing, and I was only able to dream about it, until I got to attend our very own community singing event here at Dancing Rabbit, appropriately titled Singing Rabbit

The joy of singing and bathing in song.

This 4-day-long singing experience opened me up to a whole new world of song, laughter, joy, and grief. With circles about life, dying, death and embracing grief, it was a weekend of emotional exploration and healing for me. The new friends I sang with will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I am so excited to see them again this year. Each song circle created a rich mini-community where we bonded, cried, bathed in song and sat in awe of each other. I feel beyond grateful this year to not only attend Singing Rabbit over Labor Day weekend, but also to be one of the organizers putting it on. I had such an amazing time, so when I found out I could help be a part of bringing this to my community, I jumped at the chance. 

I hope that you too will jump at the chance to come sing and play with us out on the prairie. With delicious food, amazing people and a wide variety of song circles, there is a place for everyone. Come join us while we make merry in the village all day and even sing by the fire at night. I can’t wait to meet you around the circle. 

Here is a taste of what you can expect when you come:

Song Circles:

  • Ian Carrick – Our Wild Voices
  • Dodie Whitaker – Now Let Us Sing!
  • Annie Zylstra –  Harmonic Basketry
  • Ishka Shir – Songs of healing and growth
  • Murmurations; New Orleans community Choir – Murmurs from New Orleans
  • Amandacera – Songs That Settle Deep Into Your Bones
  • Lyndsey Scott – Grief, Praise, & Pleasure: “Prayers” as Funky as U Are
  • Josh Blaine–  Songs of Healing and Resistance
  • Songs for Building Community (All song leaders head up 2-3 songs) 
  • Annie Zylstra – The Harvest
  • Ian Carrick – Songs for Recovery

Want to learn more about the event and your song leaders? Click here!

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