7 Important Ways You Are …

…Already Like a Rabbit!

The first visitor session of 2018 was epic! Join us for the next one, starting May 6.

By the time you read this, tears have fallen and hugs have been shared as the first visitor group of the season departs. Our Sustainable Living Visitor Program showcases all that Dancing Rabbit has to offer, provides a place for you to be vulnerable, and an environment to learn and experiment with how to live lightly in our day and age.

There are many ways in which you may already be doing your part to make the world a better place, and we would like to celebrate with you on your success, whether big or small. You can make a difference by:

  1. Composting
  2. Harnessing sun and wind for power
  3. Carpooling
  4. Growing your own food or eating locally
  5. Supporting small local eco-friendly businesses
  6. Biking
  7. Creating a cooperative culture through sharing and peaceful communication

If you want to do these things (and more!) surrounded by others who are living this way, join us for the next visitor session, May 6-20, where we can share together a life of community, sustainability and cooperation. We are even offering a $200 discount for the next three people who register for this session, so don’t miss your opportunity to join the front-lines in creating the world our hearts know is possible.

Here’s just a peek at what some of our first visitors of the year have had to say, and what you could experience when you attend a DR visitor session!

It’s a power immersion in a highly social, dynamic ecovillage. The visitor program allows you to choose your involvement level without guilt. It can be fun, but don’t expect to remain unmoved. You will be moved somehow and your perceptions will be changed.” – Erin Denbina

“Everyone loves to sit around and ponder/pontificate, ‘oh if we just got rid of cars… if we just stopped eating animals… if we just all went solar…’ If you really want to see the work involved, the changes demanded, the compromises required, go to Dancing Rabbit. Talking about it is one thing, living it is another.” – Jim Sims

We can’t wait to see what you have to say about our visitor program! We’re looking forward to seeing you soon.

Don’t wait! Be one of the next three people to register for the next visitor session, May 6-20, and we will give you a $200 discount!