New residents Andrea, Arlo and Ezra embarking on a family ride… Photo by Aaron.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dancing Rabbit This September!

Editor’s Note: We’re changing our posting schedule a bit this week, due to many Rabbits being away eclipsing. We hope you enjoy this post today, and the regular Weekly Update in a few days. We’ll be back on our regular schedule next week.

This September, Dancing Rabbit is hosting a rare opportunity for women to experience life in our ecovillage in a special women-only visitor session. (If you’re not a woman, consider joining our October visitor session, and/or please forward this to a woman who might be interested.)


If you’re ready to jump right in, click here to find out more about our visitor program and get started on your application right away – note that the women-only session is #5!

Why is our community a great place for women to spend some quality time? Here are just five reasons why, including some quotes from Andrea, one of our newest residents, who attended a visitor program last year:


1.) You’ll feel comfortable, just being yourself.

I feel beautiful, strong, and I get to be me without judgement. I can’t say that I always feel that way when I am not at Dancing Rabbit. Here there is an incredible amount of work being done to create social change. Being a feminist community is one of the more prominent achievements of those efforts. It is a place where no matter if you identify as a man or a woman [or neither] you will receive respect, understanding, and love.”

2.) You’ll learn and have fun (plus enjoy memorable meals) during your visit.

Throughout our visitor program, you’ll be engaged in workshops on interesting topics like renewable energy, eco home construction, communication techniques, and much more. You’ll also be invited to participate in fun social events such as our weekly potluck, song-circle, and perhaps even a neighborhood talent show. You can also take a dip in our natural swimming pond!

“Among some of my top considerations in moving was needing a place that my children would have a meaningful childhood – one where the kids ride their bikes around, climb trees, eat veggies out straight out of a garden, and have endless hours of play outdoors.”

Plus every day, you’ll get to eat top-notch, homemade food – often prepared using ingredients grown and made right here in our village.

3.) You might discover a path to manifesting your dreams.

In Andrea’s case, her dream was to become a paramedic.

“I work 24-hour shifts in town, outside of Dancing Rabbit, as a paramedic. This line of work is really fulfilling for me. I feel honored to help people manage some of their scariest moments. It is a job that brings out the best of my qualities and it is work that I am proud to do. I feel like it is important to recognize that I didn’t just move to Dancing Rabbit. I feel even more connected to my home at Dancing Rabbit by being connected to the greater community. This part of Missouri is so beautiful and home to quality people.”


4.) You’ll develop your power to do ANYTHING!

“I had a lot of personal growth take place in the two years leading up to getting to Dancing Rabbit. I feel really proud about following through and not losing my motivation. Now, I feel equipped to take on anything no matter how much patience it might require. If my heart is in it, I can do it!”


5.) You might find a place you can truly call home. (And you can see the stars at night.)

“I had been searching for a place that felt like home for my family of four. We were content in our current house; our needs were met… But, it never felt like home for me. I was going through the motions and I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. I didn’t want to wake up at retirement age and wonder why we never tried to seek more out of life. So, we began a search to figure out what exactly “getting more out of life” was for our family and how we could provide that. I wanted my children to have acreage to explore and play, a strong sense of community, a connection to our food system, knowledge and experience of living sustainably, and the opportunity to see the stars at night. Well, I wanted that for myself, too! This first visit had us hooked.”

We hope you’ll visit us soon, and be hooked too! Click here to find out more and request your application for the 2017 women’s visitor session!

Don’t let this rare opportunity pass you by!

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is an intentional community and nonprofit outside Rutledge, in northeast Missouri, focused on demonstrating sustainable living possibilities. Find out more about us by visiting our website, reading our blog, or emailing us.

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