Help Us Spread the Word + Special Offer

We know our visitor program has a profound impact on people who attend, because so many of them have told us so over the years. This year we’re having a harder time getting the word out about it, though, due to Facebook’s algorithm changes and new Google Ads requirements.

If you’re not sure what those words mean, it boils down to it being more difficult for small, non-corporate organizations like ours to be seen online. We really want people to be able to learn about and connect with Dancing Rabbit, so while we’re working on ways to increase our visibility even with these new changes, we’re also asking you to help us reach out to new people, and invite them to this special place we call home! Here’s How:

  • Our Sustainable Living Visitor Program is an incredible opportunity to experience hands-on eco and community living. To help make this already-amazing program even more enticing, we’re offering a special discount to the next 5 people who register for the first visitor session of 2018, which begins on April 8th! Do you know someone who would benefit from an immersive experience in an intentional community? Perhaps you have a friend or family member who cares deeply about the environment? Share this page with them so they don’t miss out on this awesome limited-time offer!
  •  Facebook and Instagram are other great ways to connect with Dancing Rabbit. Speaking of social media: we know you love us… but do you LIKE us? Make sure your preference settings aren’t keeping you from seeing our posts and interacting with us! The more you comment, tag, and share our posts, the more likely we are to be seen by your friends, and their friends, which helps us connect to more eco-centric folks and expand our network. Our mission includes cultivating recognition so that we’re able to have a more global impact. You can help us do this with just a few clicks and shares!

As always, we are so grateful for your support, and all the ways you’re helping us make a difference!


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