Welcome and we’re excited that you’re coming!

Dancing Rabbit’s 20-year reunion and anniversary celebration is September 29 – October 1, 2017

This is the registration page for the event. Your payment below confirms your attendance for the event and will help us plan accordingly for yummy meals and exciting logistics in a timely manner.

Once you’ve registered, please take this survey to help us coordinate your time here. Rideshare options can be found here, Housing options are listed here. A sneak-peak at the schedule is here.

Please read over the information below and then scroll down to register and pay for your attendance.

Please note:

  • If you’re not attending the event but would still like to donate to our nonprofit on Dancing Rabbit’s 20th anniversary, please see this page.
  • You can also pay for anything below with ELMS sent to the “Reunion” account. (If paying with ELMS, refer to the payment schedule below and list exactly what all you are paying for in the transaction description.)
  • If the $30 registration fee feels like a financial hardship, or you are currently local to NEMO, or you are volunteering to help with this event in a significant way, then we think it’s fine for you to not pay it (just unclick it in the form below).
  • Scholarships or reduced rates are also available for meals. Please contact Thomas at 20years@dancingrabbit.org if you are interested in a scholarship or reduced rate.
  • Attendance and meals for kids 3 and under are free, and it’s around 1/3 the adult rate for kids 4 – 13.

If you would like to contribute to the scholarship fund for registration and meals (and help make it more affordable for everybody to attend without us breaking the bank), you can click below to make that gift.

Please consider contributing to the work of our nonprofit, the Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture (formerly Dancing Rabbit, Inc.) in our 20th year of existence. We will be recognizing different levels of support as follows:

$50 – Mulberry Level Supporter

A gift of $50 covers the fee for one tabling event for the year, like St. Louis Earth Day festival where the message about sustainable living is broadcast to the wider community. You also get to pick out one free dessert from the CSCC dessert table at our celebration!

$150 – Osage Level Supporter

A gift of $150 helps cover the food costs for one of the student groups that visits Dancing Rabbit each year through our Ecovillage Immersion Study Program. Reaching young urban youth with paradigm shifting education is arguably one of the most important things we do! Bonus: You will be invited to line up first for dinner on Saturday and can request a hug from your favorite Rabbit!

$250 – Elm Level Supporter

A gift of $250 can provide a scholarship to someone who can’t afford the normal fees to attend one of our Sustainable Living Visitor Programs. This is our most popular program and gives folks an in depth experience in the ultimate sustainable lifestyle. Not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing you are helping bring more visitors here, you can choose one free Dancing Rabbit item (mug, T-shirt, etc.) while you are here!