Dear Friends of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage,

You’ve probably been hearing a lot of the same bad news we have: drinking water poisoned by fracking, Monarch butterflies failing to return to Mexico this year, a super-typhoon in the Philippines, radiation leaking from Fukushima, and people struggling with how we can possibly turn the tide.

As Yeb Sano, delegate from the Philippines to the UN climate talks, said, shortly after the typhoon, “We can fix this. We can stop this madness.”

And while we must push our leaders to act, we can’t wait for them to create the change we need. At Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage we’re showing the world that real sustainability is possible, as we demonstrate a village with local organic food production, a renewable energy micro-grid, ultra-low carbon footprints, a vibrant local economy, and neighbors coming together, cooperating for a better tomorrow.

“Green experts agree that ecovillages such as Dancing Rabbit are viable options for the future of modern housing and development.”
     — Krisanne Alcantara,

We at Dancing Rabbit have dedicated our lives to creating a model of resilience and sustainability but we need your help to spread the word and further our efforts to create change. Your donation will allow us to share sustainable living skills through workshops, articles, videos, and classroom presentations, as we inspire and train ecological activists and thought leaders.

Please say “Yes!” to helping us create a better world, by becoming a Supporting Member of Dancing Rabbit today.

Tony Sirna
Dancing Rabbit Co-Founder and Development Coordinator

P.S. Sustainability is the key issue of our time. With your support we can turn the tide. Thank you for giving today!

“Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage demonstrates that a peaceful, abundant sustainability is possible. They are true leaders in the ecovillage movement.”
— Dr. Robert Boyer, Assistant Professor of Geography and Earth Sciences at UNC Charlotte



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