2016 Education, Seminars, Training and Workshops

Photo of Cob Oven BuildingSo much to learn, so little time! Make the most of your year by participating in an educational experience at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage.

Dancing Rabbit members are passionate about sharing the skills we gain while crafting our homes and our lives here. Our nonprofit also hosts educational experiences. This page lists events held at DR, presented by members of the Ecovillage and nonprofit staff. (For events held elsewhere, check out our Upcoming Events and Presentations page.)

Check back for updates as information becomes available. See also our calendar of events. We look forward to seeing you soon!

July 9-14, 2016 Ecovillage Experience: Skills for Living Lightly

Spend five days with us at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage gathering ideas, concepts, and skills for living lightly wherever you live. The course includes hands-on interactive opportunities with natural building, low-carbon gardens and kitchens, alternative energy systems, organic resource recycling, as well as permaculture design, alternative economic systems, skills for human connection and cooperation, and creative fun – all part of life at Dancing Rabbit!  The course will guide you to create a plan for bringing your learning home with you.

Aug 28-Sept 4, 2016 Becoming a Climate Leader Course

This course will explore a wide range of ways that individuals, groups, and communities can take action on climate change. Immersed in an ecovillage setting, participants will have hands-on and interactive opportunities to learn about creating a post-carbon culture: low-carbon food, shelter and energy systems, as well as vibrant, cooperative social systems. Participants will also explore ways to engage in economic and political action to bring about local, national, and global responses to climate change, as well as exploring the emotions that can accompany our work around climate change. During the course participants will develop action plans for climate leadership in their own communities.

Sept 17-25, 2016 Permaculture Design Course

We are teaming up with Midwest Permaculture to offer our second Permaculture Design Course (PDC) right here at Dancing Rabbit!  The course will cover the full PDC curriculum, with creative and practical techniques for designing abundant food, water, energy and housing systems, with more in-depth info on what it takes to create authentic and long-lasting community.